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Weather Blog: Mother Nature Threw Another Curve Today!

Mother Nature threw another curve today!


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WEATHER BLOG: Cool, Crisp, Dry Air

High pressure early this morning is continuing to spread out across the Northeast’s interior, and it is delivering some cool, crisp and dry air.


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WEATHER BLOG: Temps In The 80s This Week; T-Storms Likely Early Next Week

High pressure is still dominating our weather pattern, and will for a few more days. The one difference is that it is slowly drifting off to the east of us.


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: Fall-Like Weather Next Few Days; Highs In The 70s, Lows In The 50s

Fall is in the air. Even though it’s not officially Fall until Saturday, September 22, it’s going to feel like it the next few mornings.


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: Wet Weather To Dry Out By The End Of The Week

Happy Mother’s Day! After a beautiful first half of the day, the approaching storm became obvious in the late afternoon. First the clouds came in, then rain and thunderstorms spread into western Maryland – all the way over to Carroll County.