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Cumberland Man In Dog Duct-Taping Case Gets Shelter Work

A Cumberland man convicted of abusing a dog by wrapping duct tape around its muzzle has been sentenced to work in an animal shelter.


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Md. Duct-Tape Rapist Gets 85 Years For 1998 Attack

A man convicted of four sexual assaults in two states is headed for trial in Hagerstown for a 1998 rape near the western Maryland town of Smithsburg.


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Md. Man Guilty In Duct-Taped Dog Case

A Cumberland man faces up to six months in jail after being convicted of animal cruelty for releasing a dog with duct tape wrapped around its jaws.


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Owings Mills Teenager Creates Fashion From Duct Tape

Alec Cosgarea, 16, from Owings Mills makes and sells fashion– hats, wallets, coats– from duct tape. And the items are selling across the country through his website.



Serial Rapist From Hagerstown Charged In 1998 Case

A Hagerstown man convicted of sexually assaulting four women in two states while sometimes wearing a mask made from duct tape faces a new rape charge.