Emerald Ash Borer

Asian emerald ash borer

Shot At Survival: An Effort To Save The Ash Tree Against A Deadly Beetle

Maryland has been losing thousands of ash trees to an invasive beetle called the emerald ash borer.


Photo: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

U.S. Survey Helps Shed Light On Forest-Damaging Bug

Triangular, purple kite-like contraptions placed in trees across the country are helping state and federal agriculture officials learn more about a deadly beetle that has killed tens of millions of ash trees in the United States and Canada and threatens countless more.



Don’t Move Firewood, Save Ash Trees

If you’re camping over the Memorial Day weekend, you can help stop the spread of a pest killing ash trees by not taking firewood with you.



Anne Arundel County Resident Heads Beetle Battle

The battlefields of Dick Bean’s war are sometimes muddy and require tall rubber boots to navigate. But neither the muck nor the considerable damage inflicted by the enemy over a theater of operations measuring 60 square miles gets him down.