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Loved Ones Outraged After Jury Finds Man Not Guilty In Hit-And-Run Deaths Of 2 Teens

A jury has delivered a not guilty verdict for the 28-year-old man accused in the hit-and-run deaths of two teenage girls.


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Former Girlfriend Testifies Against Man Accused Of Killing 2 Teens In Hit-And-Run

Opening arguments begin in the trial of a man accused of killing two teens in a hit-and-run in West Baltimore.


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Jury Selection Begins For Man Accused Of Hit-And-Run Deaths Of 2 Teenage Girls

Jury selection begins for the man accused in the hit-and-run deaths of two teenage girls from Pigtown in South Baltimore. It is a court date the families of the two victims have been waiting months for.


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2 Face Charges In Deadly Hit-And-Run

Criminal charges have been filed against two people for a hit-and-run that left two teenagers dead. WJZ obtained police dispatch recordings revealing the intense search for the suspects.


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Police Continue To Investigate Hit-And-Run That Left 2 Teens Dead

Who did it and how could they? That’s the question family members are asking after two teenage girls were hit by a car and the driver sped off, leaving them to die.


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2 Baltimore Teens Struck And Killed By Vehicle

Two Baltimore teenagers are dead. They were hit by a car and police say the driver left them in the street. The two girls were crossing the street in West Baltimore Monday night when they were both hit by the same car.