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Man Charged With Making Explosive Devices In His Glen Burnie Home

A shocking discovery inside an Anne Arundel County home. Investigators find chemicals, explosives and evidence those explosives were being made on-site.


rthur Corrin Reith, 19,  James Thomas Stevens, 19, and Carter Robert Harrison, 18 are charged with blowing up mailboxes in Anne Arundel County.

3 Teens Arrested For Blowing Up Mailboxes In Anne Arundel County

Three teens in Anne Arundel County were arrested for blowing up mailboxes.


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Teen In Custody After Detonating Explosive Device Outside High School

An Oldtown teen was arrested outside Fort Hill High School Thursday morning when he detonated a homemade explosive device with about 10 people nearby.


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Man Charged With Making Explosive Device

The Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office says deputies have arrested a man who allegedly built an explosive device that was found in a shed in Aquasco.


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2 Grenades Found Inside Annapolis Home

A startling discovery in Anne Arundel County where two grenades put fire officials and bomb squad technicians on high alert.