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Verdict Due For Md. Farmer Charged With Abusing Livestock

It’s verdict time for a western Maryland farmer charged with 20 counts of animal cruelty.


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Environmental Supporters Cheer Regulations On Chicken Manure

Maryland lawmakers are targeting phosphorous pollution of the Chesapeake Bay.


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Md. Rural Counties Group Plans Economic Summit

A coalition of rural counties is planning an economic summit next month in Annapolis to get the word out about the importance of rural communities to Maryland’s economy.


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Tractor-Trailer Driver Has Driven For 56 Years

At 85, Eugene “Smitty” Smith still drives an 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck, picking up milk from area farms and delivering to creameries for Clouse Co. in Frederick.


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Frederick County Dairy Farm Closes Its Doors

By August, Maryland had lost 10 dairy farms this year. The Hooper family farm on Yellow Springs Road in Frederick just joined that group.


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Poultry Pollution Case Heats Up

The two sides in a Maryland poultry pollution law suit are now battling over whether a federal judge should visit an Eastern Shore farm at the center of the dispute.


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Potomac Farms Workers Strike In Md., Va., W.Va.

A strike by Potomac Farms Dairy workers in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia is in its third day.


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Cover Crop Program Hits Record

It’s going to be a record year for cover crops in Maryland’s coming season.



Gov. Seeks Federal Aid For 14 Drought-Stricken Counties As Crop Losses Escalate

The drought is cutting so deeply into Maryland crops, the governor is asking the federal government to declare 14 counties drought disaster zones.


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Demand Increases For Md. Grocery Delivery Group

Tony and Abigail Brusco underestimated how fast their home grocery delivery venture would grow.



Warm Weather Brings Early Crop For Md. Orchards

The warm weather that triggered an early bloom of ornamental cherry trees in Washington, D.C. is doing the same thing in Maryland orchards.


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Md. Farmers Offer Bay-Friendly Gardening Tips

Maryland farmers are offering homeowners tips on bay-friendly backyard gardening practices.