Report: Maryland Is Fatter Than 24 Other StatesA new report ranked the most and least obese states in the country. See how Maryland fared.
5 Things About Trans Fats And The FDA's Proposed Phase OutThere are a lot fewer trans fats in the nation's food than there were a decade ago, but the Obama administration is moving toward getting rid of them almost entirely.
Fat & Fatalities: Obese Drivers 80% More Likely To Die In Car CrashesThere may be another reason now to shed extra weight.
Shedding Pounds Could Ease 'Pain At The Pump'According to a new study, losing weight could save you money at the gas pump.
Maryland Weighs In As The 21st Heaviest StateBreaking it down by fat. A study by the Centers for Disease Control has ranked the 50 states by obesity levels.
Fat-Filled Kinkling A Shrove Tuesday TraditionKinklings are a Frederick County Shrove Tuesday tradition, and next Tuesday morning, the Carroll Manor Fire Co. will be selling 500 dozen of them.

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