5 New Features That Could Be On Your Next CarTechnology that saves lives and fuel is getting better and cheaper.
New Car Features You Don't Really NeedThese nine features won't add much to your driving experience, but they will jack up the price of your new car.
New Car Feature Legislated: A Black Box Data RecorderLegislation has passed in the U.S. Senate that would mandate the installation of black box data recorders.
Portrait Project Features Figures From Area's PastIn his 15 years in Frederick, the artist Yemi has painted many local scenes. His latest project has him depicting 40 of the most important people of Frederick's past. The "Pillars of Frederick" is a large public art project that will put the faces of those 40 people on the side of the McCutcheon's Apple Co. building at 13 S. Wisner St.

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