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FEMA Highlights Need For Dam Safety At Md. Dam

Federal Emergency Management officials are stressing the importance of dam safety.


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Fire Does $400K Damage To FEMA Warehouse

Officials say a fire at a federal warehouse in Cumberland was caused by an electrical malfunction in a vehicle being stored there.


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Md. Briefings On Irene Disaster Aid Begin

Maryland and federal emergency management officials are beginning a series of briefings for Hurricane Irene disaster aid applicants.


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FEMA Finds Extra Disaster Aid Money Just In Time

The Federal Emergency Management Agency this week has found about $40 million to refill disaster aid accounts and now expect the relief fund to stay solvent until at least Friday, the end of the budget year.


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President Obama Approves Federal Funds For Md. Irene Relief

Maryland suffered nearly $16 million in damage from Hurricane Irene. The federal government will reimburse state and local governments 75 percent of reconstruction costs.


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Senate Approves $7B Disaster Aid Plan

The measure includes $500 million in immediate, emergency funding to make sure FEMA won’t have to cut off help for victims of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee at the end of the month.


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FEMA To Survey Damage Caused By Hurricane Irene

Carroll County emergency management officials say federal officials have visited the country to assess damage done by Hurricane Irene.


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Md. Cleaning Up Irene’s Mess

The state is now assessing the damage caused by Hurricane Irene and restoring services to its residents.


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FEMA Chief: Stay At Home In Irene’s Wake

The head of the nation’s emergency response agency says people shouldn’t underestimate the danger once Hurricane Irene passes.


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Obama: Getting Through Irene Will Be ‘Tough Slog’

President Barack Obama offered moral support Saturday to federal emergency management workers hunkered down for Hurricane Irene’s weekend march up the East Coast and 14,000 active-duty and National Guard troops were put on standby for post-storm relief work.


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Obama Visits FEMA Command Center For Storm Update

President Barack Obama visited the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s command center on Saturday as Hurricane Irene began making its way up the East Coast.


Earthquake Felt In Maryland

Puzzled East Coasters: An Earthquake? No Way

A rare East Coast earthquake, magnitude 5.8 was far down on the list for most not used to the earth shaking beneath them.