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Baltimore Fire Dept. To Hold Thrill Show On Saturday To Educate Residents About Safety

Every year, the Baltimore City Fire Department sets aside money to educate its residents how to prevent house fires and what to do when one happens. Now, they’ve cooked up an event to have the residents come to them.


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Baltimore City Firefighters To Put On Thrill Show To Teach Fire Safety

The Baltimore Fire Department is always looking for ways to get its message about fire safety out to the public. They’re now fighting fire with fire.


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Fire Safety Made Easy With New Smoke Alarm Program

A potentially life-saving effort is underway in Baltimore. The city is making it easier for residents to get working smoke alarms in their homes.


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Landmark Md. Hotel Closed For Fire Code Violations

The Maryland State Fire Marshal has closed a historic hotel in downtown Frostburg for fire code violations uncovered after a partial roof collapse last year.