The Best Gift Ideas To Bring Back From A TripThis list will give you an idea of what gifts are best to bring back from a trip.
Baltimore County Restaurant WeekBaltimore County's Restaurant Week runs from Jan. 10-26. Click on the link for more information.
Certain Foods Being Studied As Possible Pain FightersSome prescription drugs come from plants. Now experts are studying if direct consumption could have similar benefits.
Certain Foods May Contribute To Anger, Violent BehaviorResearchers gave vitamin supplements to prison inmates, which led to less aggressive behavior.
Which Fats Really Are Good For Your Heart?Omega-6 fatty acid found in vegetable oils may actually boost heart disease risk, study says.
Foods That Can Battle The FluThere are many ways to feel better from flu that don't involve taking medication.
List Of 'Salty Six' Foods May Surprise YouCertain common foods may contribute more salt to your diet than you realize.
Brain Power Foods May Improve Cognitive AbilitiesDoctors say cognitive abilities can start dropping in your 40s, but some foods may help.

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