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Morgan State Stabbing Suspect Released On Bail, Claims Self-Defense

The man accused of stabbing two Morgan State football players and injuring another was released on bail Thursday after an appearance in court.


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Lawsuit Filed In Naval Academy Sex Assault Case

Attorneys for a midshipman at the center of a sexual assault case against three ex-Navy football players have asked in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday that the Naval Academy’s superintendent not be involved in the decision of whether the men will be court-martialed.


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Football Players Identified In Navy Sexual Assault Case

A grandfather of a former U.S. Naval Academy football player said Friday that his grandson is one of the three midshipmen charged in the sexual assault of a female student but that the young man told him he had nothing to do with the allegations.


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3 Navy Football Players Formally Charged With Rape Of Female Midshipman

New developments in the alleged rape case at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Just days after the accuser spoke publicly about the case on WJZ, formal charges are filed.



Former NFLers At Risk For Brain, Mood Problems

Problems in thinking skills and depression may be more common in former NFL players.


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Thousands Of Football Players Suing The NFL Alleging Cover-Up Of Brain Injuries

Thousands of football players team up against the National Football League (NFL). They say the League hid the dangers of brain injuries on the field. Now, some are paying with their lives.