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Critics Demand FTC Regulate Alcohol Content In Four Loko

Some parents and lawmakers believe new government regulations don’t go far enough to protect consumers from Four Loko, an alcoholic drink linked to several deaths in Maryland.


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Parkville Middle School Copes With Death Of Student Killed After Drinking Four Loko

Grief counselors were on hand Tuesday at Parkville Middle School as students there cope with the death of their 13-year-old classmate killed this weekend along Harford Road.


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Four Loko Partly Blamed For 13-Year-Old Killed After Vomiting & Falling From Car

The Parkville community is in mourning following the death of a 13-year-old boy run over in the middle of Harford Road. But it’s how he got there that has some, including his mother, pointing the finger at a controversial alcohol drink called Four Loko.


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Mother Of Teen Killed After Vomiting & Falling From Car Says Four Loko Made Her Son Sick

A 13-year-old Parkville boy is dead and his mother says those controversial drinks loaded with alcohol are partly to blame.


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Md. Attorney General Wants To Reduce Alcohol Content Of Four Loko

The controversial and popular alcoholic drink Four Loko is once again being targeted by state leaders.


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Family Blames Four Loko For Teen’s Death, Files Lawsuit

The drink Four Loko kills. That’s the claim in a lawsuit filed against the drink’s manufacturer. Lawyers for the family of a Virginia teen blame the company for their son’s death.


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Makers Will Soon Eliminate Caffeine From Four Loko

The national outcry wasn’t enough but the threat from the federal government has a maker of caffeinated alcoholic drinks pulling the plug on the controversial ingredients in a popular drink.


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FDA May Ban Four Loko

The FDA is expected to issue a major ruling Wednesday concerning caffeinated alcoholic drinks.


Friends and family say Courtney Spurry "lost her mind" after drinking two cans of Four Loko, a popular new drink packed with high amounts of alcohol and caffeine.

Md. Lawmakers Weigh In On Dangers Of Four Loko

A vibrant, promising young woman died in a terrifying crash on Maryland’s eastern shore.


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Alcoholic Energy Drink Made Md. Woman ‘Lose Mind’

Four Loko is a popular new drink packed with high amounts of alcohol and caffeine. Friends and family say a Maryland woman is dead after the drink made her lose her mind.