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AAA: International Unrest Is A Factor In Gas Price Hike

Prices at the pump have taken a dramatic rise. If you haven’t filled up lately, you’ll see it soon.


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AAA: Mid-Atlantic Gas Prices Down 5 Cents

Motorists in the Washington metro area are paying five cents less at the pump when compared to a week ago.


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Americans Will Pay An Average Of $3.55 Per Gallon Of Gas In 2013

This year, you may end up paying more for gas than you’d thought.


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Gas Prices Expected To Continue Rising This Spring

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, gas prices are up again this week.


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Are Gas Prices Heading To $5 A Gallon?

Things in the Middle East, while never good, have gone from bad to worse. Many signs now point to a possible spike in gas prices.


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Gas Prices Are Dropping In Maryland

If you’ve filled your tank in recent days, you’ve probably noticed something unusual. Gas prices in Maryland have been dropping.


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Maryland Drivers Feel The Impact Of Rising Gas Prices

Instability in parts of the world is part of the reason why the price of gas is sky-rocketing. Here in Maryland, some stations have already hit $4 a gallon for regular gas.



President Obama Discusses Gas Price Hikes, Control

The president is prepared to take action over painfully high gas prices caused by the uprising in the Middle East.