Gas Prices Increase

Gas Prices

Gas Prices Continue To Rise Throughout Maryland

If it’s seemed like every time you drop by the gas station, the price has gone up—you’re correct.


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Gas Prices Rise To 8 Cents From A Week Ago

AAA Mid-Atlantic says gas prices are up 8 cents over last week.


Gas Prices

AAA: Md. Drivers Paying $2.22 Per Gallon

Motorists in Maryland are paying 3 cents more at the pump when compared with a week ago.


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AAA: Md. Drivers Paying $3.67 Per Gallon

Motorists in Maryland are paying the same price at the pump as a week ago but eight cents more when compared with last month.


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Gas Prices Starting To Increase Again

If you’re hitting the road this holiday weekend, try to fill up now. Experts say gas prices are climbing.


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Gas Prices Soar Throughout Maryland

Across the nation and here in Maryland, gas prices are soaring. The price at the pump has increased every day for 32 consecutive days. Some states are already averaging more than $4 a gallon and our state’s not far behind.


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President Obama Has Plan To Stop Gas Price Increases

Gas prices are nearing the highest in almost four years—around $4 a gallon. Now the pain at the pump is becoming a political pain for President Barack Obama.


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Gas Prices On The Rise Again

If you own a car, you probably feel like your bank account is under siege. Gas prices are climbing rapidly and it could get even worse.