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O’Malley’s Remarks About Possible Sales Tax Increase Worry Business Owners

Controversial remarks by the governor on a radio show have some business owners on edge, worried they could see the sales tax go up once again.


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Drivers Unhappy At Prospect Of Increasing Gas Tax

With the price of gas as high as it is, the idea of adding more in gas taxes doesn’t sit well with many drivers.


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Protesters Occupy Gas Tax Saturday

Marylanders could soon experience even more pain at the pump.


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Grassroots Effort Wants To Occupy The Gas Tax

With the start of the General Assembly just days away, lawmakers are preparing to tackle some controversial topics, including a proposed hike in the gasoline tax.


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O’Malley Proposes A Gas Tax Hike In 2012

The price at the pump will be getting even higher if Governor Martin O’Malley has his way. He wants to raise the gas tax.


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O’Malley Speaks About Maryland’s Challenges In 2012

Maryland lawmakers will soon be gearing up for another legislative session, and the state’s governor says those lawmakers will need courage to consider possible tax increases.


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Prince George’s Looking At ‘Almost Everything’ To Raise Revenue

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker says he’ll be looking at “almost everything” as an option to raise new revenue and deal with a possible budget shortfall.


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Md. Lawmakers Face Decision To Raise Taxes To Balance Budget

Money woes. Taxpayers may want to get a grip on their wallets as the governor tackles the state’s budget deficit.


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Governor O’Malley Has A List Of Potential Tax Increases

If you think you’re paying too much in taxes now, things may be about to get worse. Two O’Malley-appointed commissions are recommending a list of tax increases ranging from gas to toilets.


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Panel Formalizes Transportation Funding Proposal

Proposed taxes and fees aimed at raising more than $800 million in new transportation revenue annually in Maryland headed toward the Legislature and Gov. Martin O’Malley on Tuesday, as a state commission formally approved a plan to increase the state’s gas tax by 15 cents over three years.


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O’Malley Continues To Push For Gas Tax Increase

A gas tax increase got another airing in the General Assembly Tuesday. Members of key House committees were briefed on the makings of a jobs creation package Governor Martin O’Malley intends to win approval for next year.


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Gas Tax Could Bring Jump At The Pump

Get ready for a possible jump at the pump. Governor Martin O’Malley wants to raise the gas tax. Now drivers are sounding off.