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Gas Prices Surpass $3 Per Gallon For 1,000 Consecutive DaysIn Maryland and across the nation, gas prices broke an unwanted record. The average price per gallon has now been above $3 a gallon for 1,000 days. Worse yet, economists warn we likely won't see prices dip below $3 ever again.
AAA Says Gas Prices Should Decline After SummerNow that the summer travel season has come to an end, AAA Mid-Atlantic says gasoline prices should start to decline due to weaker demand.
Holiday Travel Up In 2011 As Millions Hit The Roads If you're like millions of Americans out there, you're traveling this holiday weekend. Whether it's by road, rail or air, Friday is one of the busiest travel days of the year.
Gas Prices Lowest They've Been In 7 MonthsGas prices are the lowest they've been in months. So how low will they go, and how long will the drop last?
Some 47,000 Marylanders Expected To Travel This WeekendTraveling for the Fourth of July. Hundreds of thousands of Marylanders are getting out of town this weekend but not as many as last year.
Holiday Travel Expected Despite High Gas PricesHoliday travel gets off to an early start. Those traveling this Memorial holiday weekend can expect to have lots of company, despite higher gasoline prices.
Gas Prices Appear To Decline Ahead Of Memorial DayGas prices appear to be declining ahead of the Memorial Day travel weekend for parts of the mid-Atlantic.
Md. Attorney General Suspicious Of Hiked Gas PricesSome are blaming the Mississippi flooding for high prices at the pump. But one state leader is concerned something else is going on.
Md. Consumers Are Curbing Spending To Cover Gas PricesThe rising cost of gas is now affecting how people spend their money.
Major Companies To Hike Prices To Offset Gas Prices Get ready for even higher bills. This week, several major companies say they’re hiking prices to make up for the rising cost of gas.
Nationwide Gas Price Hike Causing Major ConcernsIt's not a great time for driving. As gas prices soar nationwide, the White House launched a task force to find out why drivers are paying more. And gas prices in Maryland have already topped the $4 mark.
Maryland Drivers Feel The Impact Of Rising Gas PricesInstability in parts of the world is part of the reason why the price of gas is sky-rocketing. Here in Maryland, some stations have already hit $4 a gallon for regular gas.

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