Gilberto Valle

gilberto valle

NYPD Officer & Former Univ. Of Md. Student Convicted In Cannibalism Plot

The trial of a so-called New York City cannibal cop who has ties to Maryland is over.


gilberto valle

Univ. Of Md. Grad Convicted Of Conspiracy In Cannibal-Plot Case

A New York police officer is found guilty of plotting to kidnap, torture and eat women.


gilberto valle

Trial Underway For Univ. Of Md. Graduate Charged In Bizarre Cannibalism Plot

Bizarre fantasy or a sinister plot? The trial of the so-called cannibal cop is underway in New York City, and two women from Maryland were put on the stand Tuesday.


gilberto valle

FBI: Md. Grad & NYC Cop Arrested After Planning To Kidnap, Rape, Cook & Eat Women

There are new details in the case of the University of Maryland graduate turned New York City cop that’s accused of plotting to kidnap, cook and then eat women.


gilberto valle

New York City Police Officer & Univ. Of Md. Graduate Charged With Planning Cannibalism Attacks

Kidnapping and cannibalism. A University of Maryland graduate and now New York City police officer is accused of plotting to torture, cook and eat the body parts of dozens of women.