Google Picks 5 Charities To Create Ideas For GlassGoogle has chosen five charities to develop ideas using Web-connected Google Glass to enhance their work.
Glass Blowing An Art At Salisbury UniversityFrom a roaring furnace, a miniature volcano of sorts at Salisbury University, Riley Greenwood pulled a glob of molten glass at the end of a blow pipe. Yet he saw a finished vase, shining all smooth and hard. It was the same furnace from which his award-winning pieces came, all of which began as flowing, glowing balls of thick, molasses-like soft glass.
5 Tips For Cleaning Glass SurfacesCleaning glass and windows is not necessarily difficult. It's about the right tools and the right attitude.
The Best Of Baltimore’s Glass Art Scene Baltimore is a city thriving with various art forms, some of which are traditional, others new and innovative, and even others that can be rather bizarre. A traditional form of art that has taken on a new life in its Baltimore enthusiasts is the beautiful utilization of a delicate media to create expressive pieces of glass.
Glass House Auction Called OffAn auction for a glass house in Pasadena has been canceled.
Md. House For Sale Has No Walls, Just WindowsA home about to be auctioned off in Maryland has virtually no walls, just windows.

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