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Pa. Man Sentenced For Selling Counterfeit Goods

A Pennsylvania man who pleaded guilty to selling thousands of counterfeit goods, including military-grade integrated circuits, has been sentenced to 21 months in prison.


North Point Plaza Flea Market

$1.5M In Counterfeit Goods Found At Md. Flea Market

Baltimore County police say they seized $1.5 million in counterfeit shoes, clothing, movies and other goods during a raid on a North Point flea market.


Apple iPad 2 - 16GB - $499.00 (other models at varying prices)

For Delmarva Shoppers, Pawn Shops Are Hot Spots

As budgets tighten and the holiday season is here, Delmarva shoppers are turning to pawn shops as an alternative to big box stores and shopping malls.


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Ocean City Businesses Raided For Counterfeit Goods

Law enforcement officers have raided two dozen Ocean City businesses suspected of trafficking in counterfeit goods.


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3 Plead Guilty To Smuggling Counterfeit Goods

Three people have pleaded guilty to plotting to smuggle counterfeit Coach handbags made in Malaysia and China into the Port of Baltimore.