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Family Of Young Shooting Victim Sues GPS Tracking Company

A young girl gets caught in the crossfire. Now, her family wants to hold an unlikely group responsible for her shooting.


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Supreme Court: Warrant Needed For GPS Tracking

The Supreme Court says police must get a search warrant before using GPS technology to track criminal suspects.


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Woman Who Pulled Over To Use GPS Robbed

Anne Arundel County police say a woman was robbed after she pulled over her car to use her GPS.


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Has The Government Attached GPS To Your Car?

We’re learning you need to be less concerned about nosy Aunt Margaret than Uncle Sam.


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Suspect Wearing Ankle Bracelet Arrested For Gang Rape Of Teen Girl

A search is underway for four men wanted in connection with the gang rape of a 14-year-old girl. Police catch one suspect because he was wearing an ankle bracelet monitored by the state. But now there are tough questions about whether or not he should have been in custody.


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Federal Authorities To Use Emergency Warning Mobile Alerts

Federal authorities are planning to revolutionize how we get emergency warnings, and they’re using the technology most Americans keep with them every minute of every day.



Find Maryland’s Biggest Trees With GPS Game

Maryland officials are using the popular hobby of geocaching to promote awareness of the state’s forests.


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Md. Officials Want To Ban DUI Checkpoint Mobile Apps

State police say there’s a new way drunk drivers are getting around their DUI checkpoints. They download detours on their cell phones. Now the state wants to keep the software away from drivers.



Salisbury Considers GPS Tracking Of Its Fleet

Salisbury’s Department of Public Works will be conducting a pilot program on using GPS technology to track city vehicles.


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New Technology Disables Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is claiming more lives. One study says 5,000 people are killed every year. Now a Maryland entrepreneur has invented new technology that could save lives.