Active Military-Grade Grenade Found Outside McDonald’s In Md.

An active military-grade hand grenade was uncovered Saturday afternoon in the parking lot outside a Maryland McDonald’s.


(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Marine Who Dived On A Grenade To Save A Soldier Receives Medal Of Honor

Honoring a soldier’s bravery. President Barack Obama presents the Medal of Honor to an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who nearly died saving a fellow Marine.


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Fake Grenade Found In Md. Apartment, Man Charged

Maryland state fire investigators say a Washington County man has been charged after a fake hand grenade was found in his apartment.


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2 Grenades Found Inside Annapolis Home

A startling discovery in Anne Arundel County where two grenades put fire officials and bomb squad technicians on high alert.


(Credit: CBS)

Delta Charges Returning Soldiers For Extra Bags

Soldiers returning from Afghanistan are complaining that they had to pay Delta Air Lines $2,800 out of pocket to check extra bags, including at least one case carrying a grenade launcher.