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Son Of Hollywood Royalty Comes To Charm City

The son of two Hollywood legends is headed to Charm City this week to lend his support to a cancer-fighting organization.



Vertigo Strikes Up To 20 Million Americans, Surgery Can Help

Doctors estimate that vertigo affects about 20 million people and the numbers seem to be on the rise.



At CDC, Scientists Fight To Halt A Deadly Outbreak

Scattered across the carefully landscaped main campus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are the staff on the front lines fighting a rare outbreak of fungal meningitis: A scientist in a white lab coat peers through a microscope at fungi on a glass slide. In another room, another researcher uses what looks like a long, pointed eye dropper to suck up DNA samples that will be tested for the suspect fungus.


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Researchers Still Actively Examining Gulf War Syndrome

The causes and effects of Gulf War Syndrome still plague researchers and some veterans.


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Forecast For Md.’s Obesity Rate Is Frightening; Exercise & Healthy Diet Prescribed

Obesity is on the rise across the nation but in Maryland the problem is getting worse faster. An alarming new report shows the obesity rate here could double by the year 2030 to a staggering 59%.



Swine Flu Outbreak Leads Health Officials To Urge Caution At County Fairs

An increase in the number of swine flu cases has national health leaders urging people to be careful when attending county fairs.


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Affordable Health Care Act Now In Effect

New law, new coverage. As of Wednesday, the Affordable Health Care Act requires insurance companies to offer women new disease-prevention services at no cost.


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Heat Wave Affects Those With Health Problems

As thousands of Marylanders remain without power, those with medical conditions are having a very difficult time coping with the heat.


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Md. High School Freshman Creates Test To Detect Pancreatic Cancer

It’s the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. Now a Maryland scientist has discovered a way to diagnose pancreatic cancer before it spreads.



Check Out The CBS HealthWatch Colorectal Webcast

Watch Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors and a panel of renowned medical experts discuss colorectal cancer and digestive health.


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Md. Man Who Received Synthetic Trachea Has Died

A sad update on a story WJZ first brought you about a revolutionary procedure to save a Baltimore man’s life. Thirty-year-old Christopher Lyles was only the second person in the world to have a transplant using his own stem cells.


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Baltimore Officials Work To Lower City Infant Mortality Rate

Breaking Baltimore’s high infant mortality rate. The city has a new campaign designed to clear the air for babies and pregnant women.