Cell Phone

Study Shows Kids Won’t Get Cancer From Cell Phones

Can cell phones really cause cancer in kids? A new study says it’s settled the debate: they’re safe.



Md. Scientists Have Major Breakthrough In Fighting Diseases

A group of Maryland scientists is responsible for a medical breakthrough. It could revolutionize the way doctors treat deadly diseases, like E.coli.



3 Heat-Related Deaths Reported In Md.

Maryland health officials say three people died from heat-related conditions last week.


car with carseat

Are Grandparents Safer Drivers Than Mom And Dad?

There’s another debate brewing across the country. It’s a debate over a new study that says kids are safer in the car when a grandparent is driving, rather than their own parents.


Mexico Fat Challenge

Poll: Obesity Hits More Boomers Than Others In U.S.

Baby boomers say their biggest health fear is cancer. Given their waistlines, heart disease and diabetes should be atop that list, too.



Maryland Officials Work To Stop Mosquito-Related Health Issues

Mosquito season has just begin but Maryland is already taking aggressive action to control the nuisance bugs.


John Boehner, Gabrielle Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords About To Undergo Major Surgery

Medical experts have called Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery remarkable. Soon, Giffords will undergo another big surgery less than six months after the Arizona shooting.


food camera

Cameras Capture What Children Eat At School

How do parents track everything their children are eating in school? Take a picture of it on a calorie camera.


Lyme Disease, ticks

It’s Lyme & Tick Season Again

It is the height of lyme and tick season, and experts in Anne Arundel County are urging you to guard against the potential dangers.


Doctor Generic

New Law May Set Guidelines For Student Athletes & Concussions

There was a big push Wednesday in Annapolis to better protect students from the dangers of sports-related concussions. A proposed law would set new guidelines for coaches and young athletes across the state.



Woman With Measles Prompts Nationwide Scare

A woman infected with measles prompts a nationwide scare and she could have passed the deadly disease to people in Maryland.


Marijuana Plants

Md. Lawmakers Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Is it for pleasure or pain? That’s the question state lawmakers are asking as they consider two bills that would lessen the jail time for people caught with marijuana.