Heroin ring

officer daniel redd

Baltimore Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Heroin Trafficking

Dealing on duty. A Baltimore City police officer at the center of a heroin ring that flooded the city with drugs confesses to the crime.


Daniel Redd

Officer Accused Of Dealing Drugs Ordered To Remain In Federal Custody

Baltimore Police Officer Daniel Redd was going to be let free until trial. But an appeal overturned that decision, forcing Redd to be detained.


Daniel Redd

Baltimore Cop Accused Of Heroin Ring Remains Behind Bars

A Baltimore police officer busted for selling heroin while on duty will stay in jail.


Daniel Redd

Wiretapped Calls Expose City Cop Facing Life For Heroin Ring

Just unsealed wiretapped conversations expose the inner workings of a heroin operation. At the head: a city cop prosecutors say was dealing drugs while on the job.