ped accidents

New Study Shows Staggering Number Of Md. Pedestrian Fatalities

A growing problem on Maryland’s interstates. Dozens of people hit and killed while walking in the roadway.



Governor O’Malley Updates State On Winter Weather

Governor Martin O’Malley thanks crews for their hard work during this latest winter storm.


snow cars

Drivers Urged To Clean Snow & Ice From Cars Before Hitting The Road

There are still dangerous elements left over from the storm that hit our region this week. But many of us may not realize what those dangers are.


salt truck

Crews Keep Roads Clear After Second Round Of Winter Weather

Maryland got a second round of snowy weather on Tuesday, keeping road crews busy.


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Study: Self-Driving Cars Would Eliminate Majority Of Traffic Deaths, Congestion

In some ways, computers make ideal drivers: They don’t drink and then climb behind the wheel.



Maryland Lawmakers Consider Hike In Gas Tax

Fixing highways and bridges to improve traffic is a top goal of Maryland lawmakers, but where will that money come from? Some lawmakers want you to pay more at the pump.



Less Snow This Winter Hurting Businesses That Count On It To Make Money

Those that count on the snow to pad their paychecks are disappointed with this winter.


snow accident

Drop In Temperatures Could Refreeze Already Slick Roads

Road conditions may get worse as temperatures drop below freezing.


tow plow

SHA Unveils ‘Tow Plows’ To Clear Snow During Winter Blizzards

With a light snow expected in far Western Maryland Thursday, the time is right for the state to show us its newest weapons to battle this winter’s weather.


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Md. Lawmakers To Attempt Another Gas Tax Hike

Drivers now taxed 23.5 cents a gallon could see that raised between five and 10 cents a gallon. Tacking the 6 percent state sales tax to the wholesale price is another option.


flooding generic

Flash Floods Close Md. Highways

The National Weather Service says flash floods linked to Hurricane Irene have closed roads in Baltimore and several Maryland counties.


Cars Towed After Snow

Drivers Pick Up Cars Abandoned On Area Highways

A winter storm causes one of the worst cases of gridlock this area has ever seen, and not just one road, but many, including interstates. Many people abandoned their cars on the road, opting to walk home in the heavy snow.




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