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Top Carpet Cleaners Give Carpet Care Tips

Three highly rated carpet cleaners weigh in on what homeowners need to know before cleaning their carpets.


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Common Problems With Hardwood Floors

Learn what to look for with wood flooring before purchasing a new home or apartment.


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Prepping The Interior Of Your Home For Painting

Prepping the inside of your home is imperative to ensure the paint job lasts and you protect your belongings in the process.


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Homeowners Assess Damage After Irene

Fallen trees are causing headaches across Maryland.



Maryland Joins HUD Foreclosure Loan Program

Maryland has joined a federal program to help homeowners facing foreclosure because they’ve lost their jobs.



Exploring Renters’ Rights With Free Help

Foreclosures don’t just hurt the homeowner. In Baltimore alone, hundreds of renters are affected, too. So what do they do? There is free help out there. Andrea Fujii reports.


Green Remodeling Resources Help Homeowners, Contractors

Green Remodeling Resources Help Homeowners, Contractors

by Brittany Paris – Angie’s List Nearly 50 percent of Angie’s List members answering our online poll plan to include green building elements in their home this year, but want to learn more first. For […]


How To Deice And Be Nice To Your Plants

How To Deice And Be Nice To Your Plants

by Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp – Angie’s List Winter is upon us and there are a few steps we Midwesterners need to take to protect our plants, pets and landscapes from the elements. Icy sidewalks […]


Use Your Landscaping To Enhance Curb Appeal

Use Your Landscaping To Enhance Curb Appeal

by Lorene Edwards Forkner – Angie’s List Not paying attention to your landscape can actually detract from the true value of your home. In today’s challenging real estate market, smart homeowners are looking to do […]


Tips To Survive A Snowstorm

Tips To Survive A Snowstorm

by: Angie’s List Staff Storm tips to help you dig out or get through if you’re snowed in: * If your lock freezes up use a light or match to heat the key. You can […]



Homeowners Planning To Remodel Should Act Fast In 2011

by Angie’s List Staff Homeowners are ready to jump back into home improvement in 2011, and their timing couldn’t be better as contractors say they’re still willing to cut prices to get business, according to […]



Congressman Holds Annual Avoiding Foreclosure Seminar

Avoiding foreclosure and the scams that prey on those in jeopardy of losing their home was the goal of a seminar Saturday for hundreds of Marylanders.