Hubble's Last 'Frontier Field' Image Shows Thousands Of Glittering GalaxiesStar Trek called space the "final frontier," and the Hubble Space Telescope uses the same term for the most distant images ever captured.
Hubble Spies Possible Water Plumes Spewing From Jupiter MoonThe Hubble Space Telescope has spotted possible water plumes spewing from one of Jupiter's icy moons.
Earth About To Get Best View Of Mars In Over A DecadeStarting this weekend, Earth and Mars will be as close as they ever get to one another.
American Visionary Art Museum To Host Sculpture Race In JuneThe American Visionary Art Museum has rescheduled its annual Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race for June.
Hubble Space Telescope Celebrates 25 Years In Orbit25-years-ago today, the Hubble Space Telescope rocketed into orbit, and has been re-writing science ever since.
Spacecraft To Give Earth First Close-Up Look Of PlutoClosing in on the really far out. If everything goes right, a spacecraft built and controlled in Maryland will come out of hibernation Saturday night.
NASA Extends Hubble Telescope Operations ContractNASA says it has extended the contract for operating the Hubble Space Telescope.
Hubble Images Turned Into ArtGerman artist Tim Roth has picked a big canvas and an even bigger subject. Using the front of the Maryland Science Center, he is using lasers to capture the universe.
Mikulski Calls Webb Termination Vote ShortsightedMaryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski says a House subcommittee vote to end funding for the James Webb Telescope is shortsighted and will kill 2,000 jobs nationwide.
Hubble Space Telescope? There's An App For ThatA new app lets Hubble Space Telescope fans vote for their favorite images collected by the orbiting observatory.

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