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Gov. O’Malley’s Proposed Budget Would Keep In-State Tuition Locked In

The skyrocketing cost of college has been on hold statewide for the last few years. And Governor O’Malley’s proposed budget will keep it that way.


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Supporters Of Md. Dream Act Discuss Implications

The approval of Maryland’s Dream Act by popular vote should help spur the idea in other states to allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public colleges, if they meet certain qualifications, supporters said Friday.


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Supporters And Opponents Of The Dream Act Rally For Votes Ahead Of November Referendum

Supporters of the state’s Dream Act are making a call to action to voters. The measure will be on the November ballot, and opponents are rallying their backers too.


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Md. Same-Sex Marriage Backers Ally With Immigrants

Supporters of same-sex marriage are teaming up with backers of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in hopes of building more support for two ballot questions in Maryland in November.


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Supporters Of In-State Tuition To Mobilize

Supporters of a measure to allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Maryland colleges in certain circumstances are mobilizing for a referendum in November.



Judge Rules In-State Tuition Bill Can Go On Ballot

A judge has ruled a measure allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants is subject to referendum.


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Some Md. State Lawmakers Hope To Make Jump To Washington

A mix of political circumstances in Maryland is prompting a variety of state lawmakers to make congressional bids this year.


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Illegal Students Face Obstacles Even After College

Eleven states have laws allowing the children of illegal immigrants to receive in-state rates if they meet certain requirements.



Battle For The Dream Act Gets Heated

Opponents of the Dream Act are confident that there are enough votes to kill the referendum. But its supporters go to court to stop it from appearing on the ballot.


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Board Set To Certify Petition On Tuition Bill

The Maryland State Board of Elections is scheduled to certify that opponents to allowing in-state tuition for certain illegal immigrants have enough signatures to put the measure on next year’s ballot.


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In-State Tuition Bill To Go On Ballot

A petition drive against a measure allowing certain illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Maryland colleges has succeeded in gathering enough signatures to put the legislation on the ballot.


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Rally Held In Support Of Dream Act

Undocumented students say thanks for the dream. Students who stand to gain from Maryland’s soon-to-be-enacted in-state tuition break are holding a thank you rally at City Hall Tuesday night.