monrach butterfly

Monarch Butterflies May Be Fluttering Toward Extinction

Are they fluttering toward extinction? Once common monarch butterflies may be headed that way.


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Smithsonian Asks Judge’s Help With Bug Collection

Entomologist Carl J. Drake spent his life studying bugs. When he died in 1965, he left his life savings and his vast insect collection to the Smithsonian. But now Drake’s will has become something of a pest.



East About To Be Overrun By Billions Of Cicadas

Any day now, billions of cicadas with bulging red eyes will crawl out of the earth after 17 years underground and overrun the East Coast. The insects will arrive in such numbers that people from North Carolina to Connecticut will be outnumbered roughly 600-to-1. Maybe more.



Cicadas Will Be Loud But Harmless When They Return Later This Spring

Biblical plague, 17-year locust or just plain yuck. The massive emergence of cicadas carries different names and plenty of baggage.


Strange Bug

Guess What Type Of Insect We Found. No, Really. Guess . . .

Members of the WJZ news team found this insect hanging out on one of our news vehicles in the parking lot. We were really intrigued by it. What do you think it is?


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Warm Winter Gives Insects An Early Jump To Spring Season

As a warm winter gives way to an early spring, it’s not just flowers popping up. It’s bugs.