James Clack

James Clack

Baltimore Fire Chief, James Clack, Announces Resignation

A big change for the Baltimore City Fire Department.



Baltimore Fire Dept. Sets New Social Media Guidelines For Its Employees After Scathing Criticism

The Baltimore City Fire Department says it does not want to silence critics but the firefighters’ union has serious concerns.


James Clack

Baltimore Fire Chief Says If Firefighters Don’t Get A Raise, He Will Give Charity Next Year’s Pay Raise

Pay raise uproar. Baltimore’s fire chief responds to the outrage over his salary boost and makes a promise to his firefighters.


James Clack

Board Of Estimates Approves Baltimore City Fire Chief’s Raise

A controversial pay raise. Firefighters and some city residents are upset with a new contract that gives the city fire chief more money at a time when fire companies are being closed.


James Clack

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Proposes Raise For Fire Chief

Baltimore Fire Chief James Clack has been asked to stay on as head of the city fire department but it’s his proposed raise that has some city firefighters and residents up in arms.