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State Sen. Jamie Raskin To Run For Congress

Maryland State Sen. Jamie Raskin says he is running for the congressional seat that will open when Rep. Chris Van Hollen runs for Senate.



Md., 6 Other States Have Bans On Atheists Holding Office

Some freedom-from-religion advocates are pressing Maryland and six other states to remove provisions from their state constitutions prohibiting people who don’t believe in God from holding public office.


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Senate Votes To Increase Penalty For Hazing

Maryland’s Senate has agreed to boost the penalty for college hazing from $500 to $5,000. The bill is now headed to the Senate.



Amended Online Disclosure Bill Passes Legislature

State Sen. Jamie Raskin says while his bill to put public officials’ ethical disclosure forms online was amended in the House of Delegates, the proposal still retains its core elements.



Committee Amends Bill To Put Ethics Forms Online

The House of Delegates removed some provisions of a Senate bill to put public official’s public
officials’ ethical and financial disclosure forms online, but the sponsor said the proposal that ended up passing both houses retains its core elements.


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Senate Panel Rejects Proposed Indoor Tanning Ban

A measure that would keep minors from frequenting tanning salons has died in a Senate committee.


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Proposed Law Calls For Tougher Penalties For Unreported Child Abuse

The sex abuse scandal at Penn State has legislators around the country looking to strengthen their laws. Here in Maryland, the changes include possible jail time for those who fail to report the sexual or physical abuse of children.


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Md. Lobbyists, Lawmakers Privately Craft Laws

Maryland lawmakers will invite wine lovers who want their favorite vintages shipped to their homes to make their case Friday at a state Senate committee hearing. But to influence the bill to allow such shipments, connoisseurs would have done better to attend a pair of undisclosed “stakeholder meetings” weeks ago.



Md. Senator Says Wine Shipping Coming To State

A top Senate Democrat told lobbyists for wine vendors on Thursday that some form of direct wine shipping will be approved in Maryland this year.