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Grocery Store Pulls Maryland-Brewed ‘Sweet Baby Jesus’ From Shelves

A grocery store chain in Ohio pulled “Sweet Baby Jesus”, a Maryland-based beer, from the shelves after customers complained about the name.


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Despite A Federal Judge Ruling, Carroll County Commissioner Mentions Jesus

Despite a federal judge’s ruling this week barring opening meetings of Carroll County’s Board of County Commissioners with sectarian prayers, a commissioner has started a budget meeting with references to Jesus Christ.


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Reason For The Season: Marylanders Celebrate True Meaning Of Christmas

Many Maryland families are celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.



Local Churches Remember The Reason For The Season

Families all over Baltimore are celebrating Christmas, and for many that celebration started at church.


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Theology Prof.: Ancient Message That Jesus May Have Had A Wife Will Not Change Catholic Church Doctrine

A 1,600-year-old document translated for the first time has a message that could shake up Christianity: Jesus may have had a wife. Now, a local expert weighs in on the debate.


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Father Leo Graces Followers With Cookbook

The Rev. Leo Patalinghug is all about cooking. And prayer.



Area Christians Celebrate Christmas, Honor Jesus

Area parishioners are honoring the birth of Jesus.