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Study: 47 Percent Of Kindergartners Ready For Curriculum

State officials say less than half of Maryland’s kindergartners are ready to tackle the Common Core curriculum that’s being rolled out in schools.


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National Push To Expand Pre-K Makes Its Way To Baltimore

A national push to get more three and four-year-olds in Pre-K classes makes its way to Baltimore. City leaders unveiled a plan Thursday to pay for it.



More Md. 4-Year-Olds Will Have Half Day Of School Under Multi-Million Dollar Pre-K Expansion Bill

A half day of pre-K for all Maryland 4-year-olds. That’s the state’s five-year goal. But first it starts with an expansion of the current program.


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82 Percent Of Md. Kindergartners Are School-Ready

An assessment of Maryland kindergartners shows young children in the state have made huge gains over the past decade in terms of their readiness for school.



Are Kindergarten Kids Getting Their Vaccines?

Federal immunization goals remain unmet, the CDC says.


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Baltimore Schools Launch Campaign To Increase Kindergarten Enrollment

City schools are looking three years into the future at ways to improve the test scores of their students.


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More Baltimore Students Enrolling In Pre-K, Kindergarten

The number of 4- and 5-year olds in Baltimore schools is up.


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Settlement Reached For Boy Kicked Out Of Class

The mother of a Florida child who was kicked out of his kindergarten class after the teacher held a vote among fellow students about his disruptive behavior has reached a $350,000 settlement with St. Lucie County education officials.