Laurel Golf Center

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Best Mini Golf Courses In Baltimore

Playing 18 holes of putt-putt golf among giant, sword-wielding pirates, extinct dinosaurs and blue waterfalls is so much more thrilling and less time consuming than a round on a regular course where the hazards are harmless trees, ponds and sand. Miniature golf is also significantly less expensive, so skip hauling around your own clubs — that’d just be weird — and bring your family instead. Baltimore’s best mini golf courses promise a great game every time.



Best Golf Shops Around Baltimore

Offering the best selections in clubs, accessories and expert advice, these golf shops make for the ideal caddy.

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Night Hawk has a 19-hole minature golf course featuring waterfalls and a lighthouse. (Credit:

Baltimore’s Best Places To Play Miniature Golf

Do you love playing miniature golf? Here are five of the best courses in Maryland.

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