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Ask A Baltimore Chef: Ways To Keep Your Meals Lean And Clean

Cooking lean, clean and green in your own kitchen can help you eat healthier meals while being mindful of the environment.


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Outdoor Education Spots In Baltimore

Gaining an appreciation for the outdoors is not just for kids. Baltimore offers quite a few cool outdoor education spots for people of all ages.


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Green Furniture Stores In Baltimore

Color, size, price, style and comfort are factors most of us zero in on when buying furniture. You may also want to add eco-friendly to your list as most furniture contains materials and chemicals that are unhealthy for you and the planet. The good news is that Baltimore has plenty of local spots to buy both stylish and green furniture.


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Green Landscaping In Baltimore

There is a “green landscaping” revolution underway in Baltimore, inspiring residents to plant eco-friendly and beautiful gardens.


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Green Ways Of Getting Around In Baltimore

Get inspired by Baltimore’s green transportation ideas and consider trying a different and greener way to get from point A to point B.


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How To Go Solar In Baltimore

Though “going solar” has the reputation of an option just for do-gooders, the good news is today’s drastically lower solar prices and financial incentives mean that solar is a viable option for many in Baltimore to create renewable and emission-free electricity.


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Sustainable Holiday Gifts In Baltimore

Though sustainable holiday shopping may seem like an oxymoron (shouldn’t we be buying less?), you can find creative holiday gifts locally in Baltimore and support the environment at the same time.


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Where To Buy Solar For Your Home In Baltimore

As solar energy becomes mainstream because of falling solar panel prices and strong financial incentives, your next question may be: “Where on earth do I buy solar in Baltimore?”


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Community Gardens In Baltimore

In the past five years, the number of Baltimore community gardens has doubled because of a unique partnership between citizens, gardeners, non-profits and our City government.


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Top Five Green Buildings In Baltimore

Whittling through Baltimore’s top five green buildings is tough because there are many excellent choices, but this top-five list may inspire you to “go green” in your home.