Lead Paint Poisoning

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Baltimore Women Awarded $3.8M In Lead Paint Case

A jury has awarded more than $3.8 million to two Baltimore women who suffered permanent brain damage after being exposed to lead paint as babies.


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Baltimore Family Outraged After Lead Paint Judgment Reversed

Her kids were awarded $2.6 million because of lead poisoning suffered in Baltimore City’s public housing. But last week, a judge ruled the city didn’t have to pay up. Now that mother is speaking to WJZ.


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New Push To Strengthen Lead Paint Regulations

Cracking down on lead paint. Lead poisoning can cause permanent brain damage in children–or even kill them. Now there’s a new federal push to tighten regulations.


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Baltimore City Vehicle Seizure In Lead Paint Case

The Baltimore City Sheriff has begun the process of seizing trucks, computers and other equipment owned by the city’s housing authority to pay an outstanding lead paint poisoning judgment.


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Baltimore’s Housing Authority Says It Can’t Afford To Pay For Lead Paint Poisoning Claim

Victims of lead paint poisoning successfully sue the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, but they aren’t getting the money a jury awarded.


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Md. Probing Destruction Of Lead Poisoning Records

Maryland’s health department is investigating why records documenting lead poisoning among children in the state were destroyed.