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Md.’s Highest Court Rules On Lead Paint Lawsuits

Maryland’s highest court has ruled that a law giving owners of certain rental properties immunity from personal injury lawsuits based on a child’s ingestion of lead-based paint is invalid.


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Number Of Children With Lead Poisoning Lowest In Years

More than 500 Maryland children are suffering from lead poisoning–the lowest number in years. But a new study shows there’s still lots of work to be done.


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Councilman Seeks Federal Help With Lead Paint Case

A Baltimore city councilman says he plans to ask federal officials to help force the city’s housing authority into paying one of the court-ordered lead poisoning judgments against it.


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Senators Seek Action From Baltimore On Lead Paint

Baltimore senators want to hold $17.5 million planned for a youth prison until Baltimore City leaders say how they will pay millions of dollars in settlements in lead paint lawsuits.


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Baltimore’s Housing Authority Says It Can’t Afford To Pay For Lead Paint Poisoning Claim

Victims of lead paint poisoning successfully sue the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, but they aren’t getting the money a jury awarded.


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Baltimore Housing Authority Won’t Pay Judgments

Baltimore’s housing authority is facing nine court judgments totaling nearly $12 million from lawsuits filed by people exposed to lead paint in the city’s public housing.


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Md. Probing Destruction Of Lead Poisoning Records

Maryland’s health department is investigating why records documenting lead poisoning among children in the state were destroyed.


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City Loses Millions Of Dollars To Help Lead Paint Victims

Right now, there are young children living in city houses tainted with lead paint facing serious health dangers.



Md. Landlord Ordered Jailed For Lead Paint Hazards

Maryland officials say a Baltimore landlord has been ordered to report to jail for failing to fix lead-paint poisoning hazards in his rental units.