Lead Poisoning

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Baltimore Jury Awards $2M In Lead Paint Case

A big time settlement in court. A Baltimore jury awards $2 million to a teenager who suffered permanent brain damage after he was exposed to lead paint as a baby. The verdict came after a week-long trial.



Court Overturns $2.6 M Lead Paint Judgment Because Of Legal Technicality

Just as vehicles owned by the city housing authority were about to be sent to auction to pay for damages in a lead paint lawsuit, a judge has overturned the case.


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New Push To Strengthen Lead Paint Regulations

Cracking down on lead paint. Lead poisoning can cause permanent brain damage in children–or even kill them. Now there’s a new federal push to tighten regulations.


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Number Of Children With Lead Poisoning Lowest In Years

More than 500 Maryland children are suffering from lead poisoning–the lowest number in years. But a new study shows there’s still lots of work to be done.


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Open Govt. Backers Knock Redacted Email In Report

Open government advocates are criticizing blacked-out emails from the Maryland attorney general’s office in a state health department report on the destruction of lead poisoning records.


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Senators Seek Action From Baltimore On Lead Paint

Baltimore senators want to hold $17.5 million planned for a youth prison until Baltimore City leaders say how they will pay millions of dollars in settlements in lead paint lawsuits.


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Md. Probing Destruction Of Lead Poisoning Records

Maryland’s health department is investigating why records documenting lead poisoning among children in the state were destroyed.