chesapeake bay sediment

Lee Flooding Creating Low-Oxygen Areas In Bay

The director of the University of Maryland’s Horn Point laboratory says heavy rains from Tropical Storm Lee are causing low-oxygen areas in the Chesapeake Bay.


dinosaur bone

Dinosaur Bone Found In Prince George’s County

There’s a silver lining to all that rain from Tropical Storm Lee and it’s over 100 million years old.



Lee Runoff Hurting Business For Watermen In Chesapeake Bay

The financial losses caused by last week’s flooding extend to more than just property on land.


Heavy Rain Floods Maryland

Caution Urged In Md. State Parks After Lee Flooding

Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources is cautioning visitors to be careful in state parks affected by flooding from Tropical Storm Lee.



Flood Leaves Massive Problems In Port Deposit

The waters have gone down, but they’ve left massive problems behind. Roads are still closed and some have lost most of what they own.


Polluted Bay

Chesapeake Takes Brunt Of Post-Lee Damage

The damage caused by last week’s torrential rains isn’t over. It’s just moved on to a new target.


port deposit flooding

Massive Cleanup Ahead In Port Deposit

Widespread flooding overtakes Maryland, causing problems across the state. Now the massive cleanup is underway.


Chesapeake Bay

Tires, Toilet Among Lee Debris In Chesapeake

A yoga mat, truck tires, a basketball and the seat from a portable toilet. Those items and thousands more are floating down the Chesapeake Bay, which is receiving the flood waters from the Susquehanna and other rivers swollen by rains from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.


flooding road inspection

Md. Officials Begin Inspecting Roads, Bridges After Flooding

The floodwaters in some areas may have receded, but some parts of the state are still on high alert. Now, towns are turning their attention to the dangers of weak bridges and roadways.


port deposit flooding 2

Port Deposit Begins Cleaning Up After Floods

Hundreds of people in Cecil County are cleaning up massive amounts of debris in the wake of devastating floods.


baltimore county flooding

Baltimore Co. Cleans Up After Record Flooding In Maryland

Baltimore County did not escape the ferocious flooding, where the cleanup is just beginning.


Heavy Rain Floods Maryland

Md. Officials Inspecting Bridges For Flood Damage

Officials are inspecting bridges around Maryland for possible damage from flooding caused by the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.