Ruppersberger Pushes For Deficit Donation Bill

Maryland Rep. Ruppersberger is introducing legislation to ensure money donated by citizens to chip away at the federal deficit is actually used for that purpose.



O’Malley To Sponsor Gay Marriage Legislation

Governor Martin O’Malley takes the lead on a campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in Maryland.


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O’Malley Expresses Support For Gay Marriage Bill

Gov. Martin O’Malley says he will be very supportive of a new gay marriage bill in Maryland with a focus on protecting religious freedom similar to legislation that was approved in New York.


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O’Malley Signs Alcohol Tax Increase

A new law goes on the books that could cut into your entertainment dollars. Governor Martin O’Malley signed an alcohol tax increase that applies to all adult beverages.


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Maryland Senate Approves Budget Legislation

Maryland would impose more than $70 million in fee increases for things like car titles and filing land records, and state employees would have to pay 2 percent more of their salaries to help preserve the state’s defined benefit pension plan under budget legislation passed Tuesday night by the state Senate.


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Delivery Of Telephone Directories In Maryland Will Soon Stop

The end of an era is coming to Maryland. Soon, the delivery of the White Pages telephone directories will stop.


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Wind Energy Fans Try To Drum Up Support For Bill

Backers of wind energy are turning to global warming to heat up support for a bill currently before the state legislature.


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Md. Lawmakers Consider Increasing Gas Tax

On top of the near-record rise in gasoline prices, the House and Senate in Maryland are considering an additional tax of a dime per gallon. Those against the move let their feelings be known.


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Md. Congressman Introduces Anti-Protesting Legislation

The Constitution says they can do it, but there’s a new battle to stop a Kansas church from protesting military funerals.


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O’Malley To Support Reducing Estate Tax For Farms

Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley will testify in support of legislation that would reduce Maryland’s estate tax for family farms.