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Seasonal Farm Jobs Are In Full Bloom Around BaltimoreDuring the autumn harvest season, farms actively hire more landscape laborers, general laborers, pickers, sales assistants, associates for management and market dealings and livestock/animal attendants.
Accidental Internship Creates Success For Baltimore Insurance Owner“I always want to do what’s best for the client, my staff and ultimately, the growth of our firm; often times, that means trusting and allowing someone besides myself to take the lead and do what they do best," says Eric Silverman.
Music Therapy In Baltimore Fosters Creative, Healing Expressionism In Patients"I have found music and music therapy interventions to be one of the fastest ways to break down emotional walls, and it’s amazing to see music take hold of the patients on the unit,” says Amanda Rosado.
Insurance Agents Could Have Lucrative Careerjill Schlesinger discusses the insurance agency field in this week's jobs report for September, 25, 2015.
Starting Salaries Expected To Increase In 2016Starting salaries are expected to increase from 4.1% to 9.7% depending on the field.
Teamwork Is Key To Successful Software Development In Baltimore"None of the great software products of our time were written by one person. Successful software is built in teams, big and small, and by cross-disciplinary teams as well. Similarly, no great lasting businesses are built by one person,” says Yair Flicker.
How To Become A Career CounselorJill Schlesinger reports on how to become a career counselor.
No. Of Jobs In Medical Practice Management Expected To GrowThe number of jobs in the medical practice mangement is expected to grow by 23% in the next 8 years.
Further Education Helps Baltimore Nurse Become Mental Health DirectorAt Sheppard Pratt Williams-Porter serves as a mediator and liaison for the staff. She works closely with different disciplines including attendants, service chiefs, nurses, mental health workers, social workers, rehabilitation staff and secretarial/clerical staff.
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Teacher's Assistants Needed At Public Elementary Schools
Higher Education Advances Career For A Former Baltimore Dispatcher“My education prepared me for this position by teaching me the fundamentals of criminal justice and forensics. It taught me skills that I use daily in the field," says Amy Seman.