Lexington Market

Lexington Market

‘Light Up Lexington’ Returns For A Third Time

Lexington Market vendors will collaborate with local restaurants tonight to put on their free, quarterly “Light Up Lexington” event series.


Lexington Market

Baltimore-Made Food Highlighted At Lexington Market

If you’ve lived here for a while, you know that Baltimore has some unique foods made right here. Monday morning, local food producers and food buyers got together.



Elephants Dine At Lexington Market

One of the last lunches with the elephants is taking place at Lexington Market on Wednesday.


Lexington Market

City Announces Plans For $26.7M Lexington Market Makeover

It’s the world’s largest continuously running market. But over the years, Lexington Market in West Baltimore has fallen into disrepair.


Lexington Market

Report: Lexington Market Could See $26.7M Overhaul

A major, multi-million dollar overhaul of Lexington Market would transform it into one of the ‘finest public markets in the country’.


lexington market

Historic Lexington Market May Be Getting Multi-Million Dollar Makeover

Getting a facelift. Lexington Market, in the heart of downtown, may be getting a multi-million dollar makeover. Officials say they want to appeal to a broader base of customers.


gubernatorial primary

Politicians Ramp Up Last Minute Efforts Before Primary

Maryland candidates are counting down the last days of the 2014 primary campaign.


lexington market

Baltimore City Trying To Bring Back Charm Lexington Market Once Had

It’s been a Baltimore staple since 1782. But in recent years, the Lexington Market has lost some of its charm due to drugs and other problems just outside its doors.



Best Parent Gathering Places In Baltimore

Parents need a place to gather where they can share parenting experiences and common interests. Here are five of the best places for parents to gather in Baltimore.


Lexington Market

Study Of Upgrades For Lexington Market Underway

A study of how to improve Baltimore’s historic Lexington Market is underway.


Lexington Market

Baltimore Wants To Redevelop Lexington Market

A downtown Baltimore landmark could get a major facelift. Lexington Market wants a multi-million dollar makeover.


The Avenue Market

Pennsylvania Avenue’s Historic Avenue Market Reopens In Baltimore

If you’ve been to the Avenue Market, you know it’s a part of Baltimore history. The Pennsylvania Avenue landmark has been open more than 60 years.