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Researchers Study Organism’s Survival Secrets For Possible Life On Mars

NASA’s announcement this week that there was once water capable of supporting life on Mars was big news. But smaller scale research is underway in Baltimore that could now point the way to life on Mars.


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Mars Rover Shows Planet Could Have Supported Life & Had Water

Conditions favorable to life. That was the data beamed back to earth from Mars. It was a historic find buried in the Martian past.


New Laws To Tackle Scotland's Alcohol Problems To Be Passed By MSPs

Last Dry Town In Md. Readies For Life With Alcohol

Damascus, the vintage dairy town on the northernmost edge of Montgomery County, is a place where people still talk in four-digit phone numbers. The Jimmie Cone still draws lines of ice cream lovers each summer. Judges still pin blue ribbons on goats, roses and rhubarb pies at the town fair each fall.



A Few Extra Pounds Linked To A Longer Life

People who carry a few extra pounds live longer than those who are normal weight or very obese.


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Man Pleads Guilty In Killing Of Frederick Burger King Manager

A man has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the shooting of a fast food restaurant manager.


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Garage Door Opener Technology Makes Life Safer

The majority of homeowners use the garage as the main entranceway. Make it a safe one.


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Md. Man Gets Life In Prison In Fatal 2007 Stabbing

Prince George’s County prosecutors say a Largo man has been sentenced to life in prison in a stabbing death four years ago.


Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Talks About Life In And Out Of Pool

One of the world’s most famous athletes took time to talk with WJZ.


Howard County Fire Rescue

Howard Co. Fire, Rescue Honored By The People They Saved

Saying thank you for saving lives. Dozens from Howard County Fire and Rescue were honored and for the first time they got to meet some of the people they helped.


Donald Lee is back to his normal self after being shot 2 years ago. (Credit: CBS)

Gun Shot Victim Meets The Man Who Brought Him Back To Life

A gunshot wound and no heartbeat. It looked like the end for 19-year-old Donald Lee. Two years later, Lee met the man who helped bring him back to life.


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Organ Donor Month Hopes To Encourage More People To Help Save Lives

Eighteen Americans die every day because they don’t have an organ donor. April is Organ Donation Month.