Healthy Living In Old Age Can Add Six Years To Life

Following a healthy lifestyle can lead to a longer life, even among people who are already well into their 70s.


A man listens to an iPod  player through earphones (Photo Illustration by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Experts: Lifestyle Mainly To Blame For Growing Hearing Loss Epidemic

Personal listening devices have become a big culprit of hearing loss. In a noisy world, we crank them up to drown out the racket and hear the music. But the trouble is, high volume is little by little, damaging the sensitive cells in our inner ears.


Gas pump

Gas Prices Going Down, But They’ve Changed Our Lifestyle

Gas prices might no longer be on the way up—at least for a little while—but it appears that this time, surging pump prices, combined with the persisting economic conditions, have meant that U.S. families are […]


(Credit: CBS)

Modern-Day Woman Does Things The Old-Fashioned Way

Susan Stoy is recapturing a simpler lifestyle.