The 10 Most Photographed Places On Earth

There’s only one rule to keep in mind when traveling: If you don’t take photos, it didn’t happen. (That, and don’t drink the tap water.)


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6th Baltimore City Officer Sentenced 2 Years For Majestic Towing Co. Extortion Scheme

A Baltimore City police officer has been sentenced to prison as a result of an extortion scheme at Majestic Towing Company.


Paula Protani, Majestic, towing scandal

Whistleblower Of Police Kickback Towing Scheme Speaks Out

There are new revelations in the city police towing scandal. A whistleblower is speaking about her unsettling confrontation with an officer.


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More Police Officers Suspected In Corruption Scheme

A towing scandal is pulling officers off the streets of Baltimore. More than 30 members of the force are now tied to the extortion scheme.