BLOG: Showalter's Fix It PlanIn his second-last pre-game meeting with the media this season, O's manager Buck Showalter- when asked about changes for next season- said he is "confident we will be relentless in improving our chances." He also added a plan to hold "mini-camps" in Sarasota for all players, not just pitchers (allowing that rules within the players' union protects them from mandatory attendance).
BLOG: Great ZeusFor all of the meanness that Orlando Brown embodied on the field, I will always remember him as the gentleman he was away from the heat of competition.
BLOG: Why The 'Win' Stat For Pitchers?I’m on a personal crusade to eliminate the practice of crediting starting pitchers with wins and losses- or at least bringing awareness to its misleading and misrepresentative nature as an accurate measure of success.
BLOG: The Thrill Of DefeatNo one likes to lose, but drama in an unexpected outcome can elicit powerful emotions and that certainly applies in defeat.
BLOG: My First TriIn a sense I dove in head first, but the fact is I started my first triathlon by treading water for a few minutes…then embarked on a 2 hour journey that I'll never forget. In my life, stuff "just happens" with me. I don't really plan things- they just come up.
BLOG: Trembley The Teacher: Lessons LearnedDave Trembley took over as interim manager of the Orioles three years ago, the proverbial “overnight sensation” after 20 years of hard work in the minors.
BLOG: Maryland Half MarathonI was honored to join more than a thousand runners for the 2nd annual Maryland Half Marathon in Timonium Sunday morning (to benefit the Greenebaum Cancer Center at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore).
BLOG: Capital PunishmentWith no pop in the lineup, injuries mounting and no reliable reinforcements to turn to- the O’s are dead men walking.

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