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Churches At The Center Of Md. Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Last week’s Senate approval of the state’s same-sex marriage bill marked another victory for supporters. But the campaign to give the last say to voters is underway.


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Marriage Equality Supporters Rally In Annapolis

Supporters of same-sex marriage flooded Annapolis, hoping to sway undecided delegates.


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Md. House Panels Hear Gay Marriage Arguments

A marathon debate over the state’s same-sex marriage bill goes late into the night. Things get heated for opponents and supporters during a House of Delegates hearing in Annapolis.


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Opponents Of Gay Marriage Rally In Annapolis

A showdown is building in Annapolis over same-sex marriage. On Monday night hundreds rallied against legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry.


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Ex-Wife Of D.C. Sniper Discusses Terror-Filled Years

Before Washington, D.C., sniper John Allen Muhammad went on a killing spree for three weeks in October 2002, he had already terrorized his wife for years.


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Clergy Announces Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage

On the heels of a gala promoting same-sex marriage in Maryland, a group of clergy announces its opposition and promises a game plan.



Joe Flacco Marries High School Sweetheart

Congratulations to Joe Flacco! Several news sources are reporting the Ravens quarterback got married this past weekend.


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Md. Judge Rules Same-Sex Spouse Has Privilege

A Maryland judge has ruled that a woman who married her lesbian partner in Washington, D.C. can invoke her right not to testify against her in a domestic assault case.


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ACLU Joins Md. Same-Sex Spousal Privilege Dispute

The American Civil Liberties Union is stepping into a dispute over same-sex spousal privilege in a western Maryland domestic-assault case.


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Md. Court Considering Same-Sex Spousal Privilege

A judge in Hagerstown says he’ll consider whether a woman who legally married her lesbian partner in another jurisdiction can refuse to testify against her in Maryland, which doesn’t allow same-sex marriage.


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Md. House Nears Vote On Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Supporters of extending full marriage rights to same-sex couples in Maryland say they are just a few votes shy of success in the House.


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Md. House Committee Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

A Maryland House committee has moved forward a bill to legalize gay marriage in the state.