Mary Bubala

kid-friendly St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March, 17, 2015

Coffee With Mary Bubala; People Are Talking about the Pratt Library’s St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids.


Reid Wiseman

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015

Coffee With Mary Bubala; People Are Talking about the Treasures & Trinkets Sale.


jess rappel

Rappel With A Cause: Jessica Kartalija Descends 300 Feet For Charity

What’s the craziest thing you’d do for a good cause? If you ask Jessica Kartalija, it’s going over the edge of a high-rise building downtown.


"energy star"

Home Performance Review Can Detect Energy Issues

Have you heard of “Home Performance with Energy Star?”


"refrigerator door"

Save Energy By Sealing Your Refrigerator Door

Your refrigerator is the biggest user of energy in your home.


Mary bubala as Mary Poppins

Snap! WJZ Anchor Transforms Into ‘Mary Poppins,’ Now Playing At The Hippodrome

There’s magic in the air at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore. That’s because Mary Poppins is snapping her fingers as the hit musical fills our city with wonder.


morgan state university

Lawsuit Looks At Possible Racial Divide In Higher Education

Is there a racial divide in higher education in Maryland? The state’s historically black colleges and universities say yes. They say that they’re underfunded by more than $2 billion.


mary bubala as Rafiki

‘The Lion King’ Makeup Artist Transforms WJZ Anchor Into Rafiki

“The Lion King” has roared into Baltimore, delighting crowds at the Hippodrome through January.


Gas Furnace

Furnace Maintenance Can Save On Energy Costs

Now is a good time to clean or replace filters on your furnace.



Energy Tips For Kids

A link on the Internet gives kids all the information they need to become energy savers.


"air conditioner"

Don’t Place Appliances Near Thermostats

Don’t place lamps or television sets near an air conditioning thermostat.


House Generic

Tips On How To Shade Your Home From The Sun

This energy saver is all about keeping your home cool during the summer.