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Health Advocates Propose Raising State Cigarette Tax To Curb Smoking

Higher taxes in Maryland may actually be saving lives. Health advocates announced the state cigarette tax is stopping people from smoking and now, they want to hike the tax even higher.


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Health Advocates Pleased By Alcohol Tax Use

Maryland health advocates say they are happy about how Gov. Martin O’Malley has allocated proceeds from an increase in the alcohol tax for the next fiscal year.



Another Hike In Md. Tobacco Tax Likely

Anti-smoking crusaders are stoking the fire for another tax hike on cigarettes, which would bring the state tax to $3 a pack.


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Health Group To Push $1 Increase In Tobacco Tax

A Maryland health group is planning to push for a $1 increase in the state’s tobacco tax.


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Maryland Health Group To Take Part In ‘Enroll America’

The Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative will be taking part in a national coalition of health groups to help enroll the uninsured who are set to become eligible for health coverage in 2014 under the national health care overhaul.